The crime "burglary" is often confused with robbery.  The average person may use the words interchangeably without knowing that the two crimes are actually different.  Burglary is a crime that involves entering a structure, whereas robbery is a crime that requires the use of force.  In a criminal case, the burden is on the People to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the offense.  

For burglary, the people must prove that the defendant entered a structure with the intent to commit a crime therein.   If you find yourself charged with burglary or in a similar situation, it is vital that you contact Do & Associates today to discuss your case.


Like many other offenses, there are degrees of burglary and the punishment depends on the particular facts of the case.  Burglary in the first degree must involve an inhabited structure.  All other burglary is second degree.  Generally, burglary in the first degree is punishable by two to six years in prison.  Burglary in the second degree is punishable by jail time not exceeding one year. 


Defense attorneys have several defenses available in their arsenal to defend you against burglary charges, such as lack of capacity or lack of intent.  To discuss these and other defenses that may apply to the facts of your case, it vital that you contact Do & Associates immediately for aggressive legal representation. 

DISCLAIMER:  The information provided herein does not constitute legal representation or legal advice.  

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